• Amedeo Modigliani House It is the house where Modigliani, one of the greatest international artists of the xx century, was born. Via Roma 38, first floor of a charming building of the Jewish bourgeoisie of Livorno.
    Amaranta Service - Tel. 0586 839772 - Cell. 320 8887044
  • Fortezza Vecchia The Old Fortress is a fortification that stands at the edge of the Medici Port of Livorno. It encompasses the entire history of the city from its origins to nowadays . It is open from Tuesday to Sunday.
    Coperativa Itinera - Tel. 0586 894563 / 0586 278477
  • Fattori Museum Is located in the prestigious Villa Mimbelli, a nineteenth-century private residence that became a museum in 1994. The collection includes works by G. Fattori and the Macchiaioli school of painters.
    Museo - Tel. 0586 808001 / 0586 804847 - (see more)
  • Canals boat tour You can make a visit to the Medici canals aboard a boat that will take you in an unusual journey full of emotions where you can discover the culture of this vibrant and colorful city.
    Coperativa Itinera - Tel. 0586 894563 / 0586 278477
  • Natural history museum Is located within the structure of «Villa Henderson». The complex houses the museum, library science, Vegetable Garden, Environmental Education Center, observatory and the Seahall.
    Museo - Tel. 0586 266711 (see more)
  • Acquarium It is located at the edge of the picturesque scenery of the waterfront and the «Terrazza Mascagni». It is the largest aquarium in Tuscany with its 65 tanks, 1.200 animals and 150 species.
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  • Effetto Venezia The traditional festival that takes place in the early days of August with initiatives that animate canals, squares, bridges of this ancient corner of Livorno called Venice for its similarities with the famous city.
    Effetto venezia - (see more)
  • Palio Marinaro It 's the oldest rowing event of Livorno. Takes officially place since January 30, 1606 by Ferdinand I will. Originally the prize was disputed in the waters off the fortress, nowadays in front of the «Terrazza Mascagni».
    First Sunday of July - Phone 0586 889757
  • Palio dell'antenna Spectacular rowing race taking place since the eighteenth-century, culminating in climbing the antenna, a ten-meter high pole driven into the waters of the dock, where the fastest to go up wins a red flag.
    Mid August - Secretary Phone 0586 428316
  • City Bus The tourist route is studied in order to offer tourists the opportunity to discover as much as possible the sights and attractions of Livorno. There are 5 daily tours with an additional one in the summer.
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  • Coppa Barontini The most charming time trial rowing race that takes place in late June along our Medici's canals in which crews representing the districts of Livorno challenge through the historic districts.
    Comitato - (see more)
  • Trophy Sail Naval Academy It is a sailing competition that takes place in the waters off the Academy, in the nearest Sailing Village, in the ancient Medici port there are products from all over Italy and Europe.
    Between April and May - (see more)
  • Notte Blu It is the celebration of the beginning of summer that involves all the Etruscan Coast in two days of cultural, gastronomic and sporting fun that connect the coast of Tuscany.
    Early July - (see more)
  • Premio Combat Prize draw for artists with the aim to promote the Contemporary Art through the selection of works divided into five sections Painting, Graphic Design, Photography, and The exhibition of the best works.
    Between June and July - (see more)